Wine Minder equals a Better Wine Every Time!

Do You Love Wine? So Do We!

WineMinder is a unique system designed to help you drink wine at it’s best!

To get the very best out of wine, whether you’re an expert or just love drinking it, wine needs to be stored at the right temperature. And that’s always been a serious problem if you don’t have a wine cellar.

Until now.

Have you ever patiently waited to open a special bottle of wine, only to find that you’ve waited too long and it’s gone sour?

  • Have you ever wondered how to age wine in your own home?
  • Are you passionate about finding ways to get the very best from every bottle of wine you drink?

Get the best from any bottle of wine, even if you don’t have a sophisticated wine cellar!

WineMinder does something very special – it tells you when to drink a bottle of wine, not matter how it’s been stored!

It puts advanced wine science into an easy to use app that tells you when to drink your wine. Don’t keep your wine in a rock cave under the house? No problem!

Our wireless sensor keeps an eye on the temperature and adjusts for how the wine has been stored. Because of this, it can ensure you drink every bottle of wine at its tasty best. it for someone who is.


Wine Minder Better WineWineMinder. For anyone who knows, likes or loves wine.

♥ If you have a prized collection of 20 year old wines but don’t know when to open them, WineMinder will tell you.

♥ If you have a special bottle you’ve been keeping and you want to open it now, WineMinder will tell you if now is the ideal time, or to wait another year.

♥ If you’ve got your own cellar and are tired of ruined bottles, the innovative technology in WineMinder will make ‘ruined bottles’ a thing of the past.

♥ If you want a way to get the very best flavour and enjoyment from every single bottle of wine, then WineMinder is just what you need.

And if you’re not a connoisseur or an expert, that’s no big deal. Buy it for someone who is. 

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